Sorting of waste

All household waste is recycled. The recycling is done in two different kings of thrash bins. Biowaste to its own container and energy waste (dry waste) to its separate container.

Glass, metal, paper and card board are recycled separately and SHOULD NOT be put among household garbage. Look for the eco-points near by you, usually these can be found e.g. near schools or in store parking area.

Biowaste / organic waste (Biological waste)

  • food leftovers
  • fruit and vegetable peels
  • coffee filters and teabags
  • eggshells, bones
  • kitchen paper, napkins
  • flowerpot soil, bits of plants

Dry waste (Energy waste)

  • non-recyclable waste
  • plastic
  • packing materials
  • soiled paper and cardboard

Paper and brown carboard

  • dry and clean paper
  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • advertisements
  • envelopes

Please flatten cardboard boxes


  • Plastic food wrappings; plastic yogurt cups, plastic butter packages and plastic sausage, cheese and food packages
  • clean plastic shampoo and soap bottles
  • clean plastic cans
  • plastic bags, wrappings


  • tin cans
  • metal lids and caps
  • metal dishes and objects
  • aluminium dishes


  • Clean glass bottles and containers