Moving out

MOVING OUT OF THE APARTMENT has to happen AT THE LATEST on the last date of your rent agreement. 

1. Clean your room / apartment carefully! If the room / apartment is found poorly cleaned during inspection, it will be cleaned and cleaning expenses will be charged from your deposit.

2. Shared apartment moving inspection is performed in two stages.The first inspection is made from the 15th of the last month of residence.If the first inspection reveals that the common areas are messy, a cleaning request from the common areas will be left for the apartment residents. Note that this prompt applies to everyone living in the shared apartment.A second inspection is carried out when a resident has moved out of the apartment, if it is found that the cleaning of the common areas does not meet the level required by Tankkari, the apartment will be cleaned and all residents living in the apartment will be charged.If no residents are present, a public key will be used. 

It is worth while to discuss and share with your room mates cleaning turns for the common areas.

The tenant is responsible for maintenance of the apartment and also liable for damages and missing furniture.

Smoking is forbidden inside all Tankkari student houses. If discovered that the apartment requires fixing due to harm done by smoking, can the costs of fixing be charged from tenant’s deposit.

3.Please check when moving in that all basic furniture is in its place. Missing furniture is always charged from you according to the tenant’s chart of charges (see below) if nothing else is agreed upon. Notice that if you have brought furniture in the room and leave it there, we will charge you 50€ for disposal of the furniture.

4. Return the room / apartment key to the office in an envelope with your name on it.If the key return is done after office hours, use the mail hatch on the office door to drop the key in an envelope in.

All apartment / room keys are always returned directly to Tankkari office.

If you have to return the key after the office hours, please contact Tankkari office for further information.

5. Make an address change to Posti or local register office by calling the number 0200 71000 at least three days before the move. More information online at

6. A 30 € fine is charged if the tenant has failed to follow the ”moving out” instructions (e.g. failing to return the key in given time and we have call for it).

APARTMENT STORAGE SPACE Cleaning the storage space (50 €).
+ possible charges for waste management

Cleaning instructions

Room / apartment has to be cleaned properly.

* Refrigerator has to be defrosted and turned off, the door has to be left open to avoid mould development

– remove the refrigerator plug out of the wall socket to turn off the machine (Remember to put something (e.g. oven plate) under the fridge to collect the water coming from defrosting, otherwise the ice melts on the floor and may cause water damage that you are responsible of)

(if you know that the new tenant is coming right after your move, no need for turning of the refrigerator)

– Refrigerator shelves and boxes must be cleaned and wiped

* stove and oven must be carefully cleaned (also the oven cooking plates and grid)

– pull the stove out of its place and clean the back space and floor (if possible)

* Toilet / shower > cleaning with a brush and detergent
* balcony / backyard has to be cleaned and cleared of any clutter
* windows have to be clean, washed if necessary
* wipe with moist cloth using detergent 

– floors
– doors and door frames

– cupboards and their doors
– light switches
– drawers
– most of the marks of the walls

* purchasing of cleaning equipment and detergents is tenant’s own responsibility