Tenant information

Before signing the residence lease agreement you have paid a security payment for your apartment (deposit). The deposit will be paid back in full within two months from the expiry date of the residence lease agreement, presuming that the apartment is in as good a condition as when you first moved in. The residence lease agreement is usually valid until further notice. The notice period is calculated from the last day of the calendar month in which the termination notice has been given. The lease will end on the last day of the following calendar month.

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Change of address

Make an address change to the population register Finnish DVV and Posti (national post office). Notify your friends and others who need your new address. 


The tenant has the right to receive control of the apartment and the keys when the tenancy period begins. The tenancy period begins according to its conditions on the first business day of the month. The key can then (or any business day after that by booking an appointment) be picked up from Tankkari office. Tenants in a shared apartment will be given one key each and no additional keys will be available.

You are personally liable for the key and it should be used with care, and in the event of loss the Tankkari office must be contacted. When moving out the keys must be returned to Tankkari office in Kustaa Aadolfin katu 1 or the key returning box in your apartment building. The deposit is returned in full only if you have returned the key(s) and your apartment is cleaned according to our standards.

Living in shared apartment

Take other tenants into account especially when living in a shared apartment. Make an agreement to take turns cleaning the common areas when you move in. And in a sense of common fairness everyone will clean after themselves. Each person living in a shared apartment brings their own kitchen supplies with them. Please do not borrow anyone’s belongings without asking the owner for permission. No pets are allowed in shared apartments.

Your room is your own private space and it should be respected. The room in meant for one person – you, the tenant. Friends, relatives or partners are not allowed to stay over. It is forbidden to house anyone who is not included in the tenancy agreement.

A shared apartment room is always furnished; in the room you will find a bed frame without mattress, a bookshelf, a desk and a chair, a closet for clothes and a table or ceiling lamp. In some rooms there is also an extra chair.

For hygienic reasons, we have shifted to bed frames (size 80x200cm OR 90x200cm) without mattresses. Buying the mattress is the tenant’s responsibility in Tankkari buildings.

The tenant is responsible for maintaining the apartment in good condition and also liable for damages and missing furniture.

The basic rules are that you are not allowed to take anything that does not belong to you without permission and you have to take other tenants into account.

Please, consider having a home insurance for your belongings. Kt Oy Tankkari is not responsible for any possible damages to your belongings.

Changing apartments

If you are changing apartments/rooms e.g. from shared apt. room to another shared one or one studio to another one, you are charged 50 € as office and maintenance fees. This sum has to be paid before signing the new rent agreement.

Common play rules

Smoking is forbidden inside all Kt Oy Tankkari student houses. If the apartments requires any cleaning or alterations due to harm done by smoking indoors, all the costs will be charged from the tenant’s deposit. Smoking in common areas, corridors and near the building is forbidden due to the smoke getting the apartment building and being a fire hazard.

Municipal authorities have set a silent time when any disturbances such as yelling or loud music are prohibited in town and in apartment buildings. It begins at 10 p.m and ends at 7 a.m. During this time you are allowed to do normal tasks such as showering or watching TV, but the volume must be kept low so other residents are not disturbed by the noise.

Everyone has their own space, but it is inevitable that you also meet other people from the same apartment/building. Tenants have the duty to respect others in all occasions.

Several students with families and children are residing in our buildings. Please remember to take into account and respect families too, and understand that they are in a different situation than someone who is merely a student leading a completely different lifestyle.

Apartment maintenance

Fault reports can be made on our website (notice of defect). If necessary, maintenance can come into the apartment by using the master key (univeral key) with the tenant’s permission. If the fault requires urgent repair, like water leakage, you have to immediately contact Tankkari office during phone reception times (Mon-Fri 9.00-12.00) or the maintenance company +358 40 181 7400 (24h).

Laundry room

All Tankkari buildings have well equipped laundry rooms, where doing your laundry is easy. The laundry rooms are freely at the residents’ disposal. The use of the laundry room is free of charge for students.

The tidiness of the laundry room equals the tidiness of its users. Everybody should be able to do washing in a tidy laundry room. Proper use keeps the machines in good condition and clean: for example, excessive use of washing powder does not make your clothes any cleaner.

Use all the machines according to their instructions. Instructions can be found in a folder in the laundry room. If there is a problem with a washer or a dryer, please report a notice of defect immediately on the website or contact Tankkari office.