Resident pages

Tenant pages serve our tenants in matters related to housing anywhere at anytime.

Apply for an apartment

All students studying in Kokkola can apply to Tankkari. Applications for apartments and rooms can be submitted through our website. Please notice that if you are submitting a new application, the previous application will automatically expire. The most recent application is always valid. If you wish to change the search terms on your application, please follow the link on the confirmation email or contact the office. You can apply for Tankkari apartments any time of the year.

In case you are also applying to Kokkolan Vuokra Asunnot Oy, please message us so we can renew your application to Tankkari.

Notice of defect

Please report any faults of the apartment or other spaces in the building using the fault report form.

In urgent matters (e.g. water leaks and broken windows) contact the maintenance in your area immediately.

Ending of rent agreement

The lease must always be terminated in writing.

Terminate a lease that is valid until further notice electronically using either Finnish bank IDs or a mobile certificate. If the lease agreement has several parties to the agreement, all parties must make the termination separately with their own ID:s.

Once the electronic termination has been successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation of the termination in your email.