Ending of rent agreement

The lease must always be terminated in writing.

You can terminate the lease that is valid until further notice electronically using either bank IDs or a mobile certificate. If the lease agreement has several parties to the agreement, all parties must make the termination separately with their own ID:s.

Once the electronic termination has been successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation of the termination in your email.

Make an electronic termination here.

You can also print out and fill in the cancellation form from our website and return it to the office or sent it by email.

The form can also be returned to our postbox (on the door) after office hours.

Cancellation form HAS TO BE SIGNED (and must include bank details), before cancellation is legal and valid. If the cancellation form is returned without signature, the rent agreement WILL NOT END but continues as before.

Key return

You can return the key by leaving it to our apartment when you move out or you can drop it in key return box (Tankkari 3 and 5). Please send us a message when you have moved out, so our repair guy can collect the key and room inspection can be done.

Rent agreement and notice period

Lease agreements are signed at student housing Tankkari office after the deposit payment is paid. The lease is either for a fixed period or until further notice. Usually the lease is made until further notice, and the tenants themselves give the notice after finishing their studies and/or when they change residences. The notice time for the resident is one calendar month and it is the end of the month following the month in which notice is given

A fixed-term rent agreement ends as written in the agreement, but tenant needs to inform the office with bank details in order to get the deposit back.

NOTE! If you cancel your room e.g. in September, the rent agreement will end at the end October (October being the one month’s notice period that is required by law)


Deposit will be returned to the tenant within two months after moving out. Before returning the deposit, the room is checked for cleaning. Lessor has the right to with-hold the deposit, if rent is unpaid, the room is poorly kept, left without cleaning or keys are not returned.

Please make the ending of rent agreement from the link above so that the text is clearly written. Kt Oy Tankkari is not responsible for any costs related to the payment of the security deposit if they arise from unclearly marked account and contact information.