Residence lease agreement

Residence lease agreement (rental contract, lease) is signed at the office or through online banking once the deposit is paid. It may take a few days to be visible in our system. With your lease you will also receive the payment slips for the current year. The lease is valid until further notice unless something else is agreed upon. This means that you can stay in your accomodation during your studies and for six (6) months after you graduate. This applies assuming all your responsibilities as a tenant are met during your stay.

Notice period is according to Finnish Law on Housing, which means that the notice period is calculated to start from the last day of the cancellation month. If an apartment is cancelled e.g. during March, the lease will end on the last day of April – April being the one month’s notice period. Paying rent for April is still the tenant’s responsibility.

The rents of short fixed-term rental agreements are increased by 10 %. The reason for this is the empty use caused by fixed-term agreements and increased costs of office work due to short contracts. A short fixed term contract is shorter that six months.


You have the right to the apartment/room when your lease starts. If the first day of your lease is Saturday or Sunday, or a holiday, the key and possession of the apartment/room begins on the next work day (Monday-Friday).

Cancelling your lease

When you end your rental contract, please come to the office to end it and sign the cancellation form. You may also find the form on our website or have it sent to your email if you email us. Fill out the pdf file or print out the cancellation form and return it to the office via email. The form can also be returned to our mail slot (on the door) after office hours.

Cancellation form must be signed and include bank details before cancellation is legal and valid. If the cancellation form is returned without signature, the rent agreement will not be terminated but continue as before.

A fixed-term rent agreement ends as written in the agreement, but tenant needs to contact the office and submit banking details in order to get the deposit back.

NOTE! If you cancel your room e.g. in September, the lease will end on the last day of October (October being the one month’s notice period that is required by law).

It is prohibited to sublease the apartment/shared apartment room to a third party. Apartment/shared apartment room is meant solely for the use of the person signing the residence lease agreement. Subleasing will always result in a warning and after that immediate termination of the lease.

Cancelling the booked accommodation

By paying the Deposit, you will book the accommodation to yourself.

If you are unable to take the booked accommodation, you must inform us as soon as possible.
Cancellation 14 days before the lease agreement will come to effect is free. After this we will keep the
deposit as a cancellation fee.

The Lease agreement will come to effect even when you have paid the Deposit but not signed the
agreement, because by paying the Deposit you have reserved the accommodation to yourself.

If a person cancels an agreement that has come to effect, we will withhold the deposit + 1 month rent.
For example, if the lease agreement starts on 1st of August and a person cancels this reservation on
17th of July or before that, cancellation is free. After 17th of July, we will withhold the deposit. If the
Lease agreement is cancelled on 1st of August or after (Before 31st of August) We will withhold the
deposit and one month rent