Cleaning the room and keeping the shared areas clean are the responsibilities of every tenant! Cleanliness not only shows consideration towards yourself and your roommates, but it is also very economical. There will be less need for repairs in a well kept and clean apartment. In case the apartment is in need of thorough cleaning resulting from clear negligence, the cleaning costs will be invoiced from you directly or they will be reduced from the deposit.


The refrigerator and freezer require regular cleaning and defrosting. The freezer compartment must be defrosted twice a year or more often if necessary.

Keep the stove and oven clean by tidying up after yourself every time you cook. The more frequently you leave this small task undone the heavier the work ahead will be. An unclean stove and oven will no longer heat up as usual and look filthy. It is also a fire hazard, so cleaning the stove is also a safety issue.

Toilet and bathroom

Clean the water seals (water lock, vesilukko [FIN]) and floor drains regularly. Residents are responsible for cleaning the water seals and bathroom floor drains, which also have water seals. Every drain has a water seal which prevents sewer smells from entering the apartment. If the drain is not used for a long time, water may evaporate from the seal, allowing smells from the sewage pipes into the rooms. The smell should disappear if you leave the water running for a minute or so.  

Cleaning a water seal: Remove the plug by hand by turning it like a bottle cap. Remove dirt and place the plug back in its spot. You can google ‘vesilukko’ to find some pictures in case you do not know what to look for.

Cleaning a floor drain: Dirt and hair, in particular, accumulate in the floor drain, so regular cleaning is important. You can open the grating with a screwdriver or other simple lever like a pencil. Remove hair and other dirt with the help of a small plastic bag. Wash the drain with a brush and washing-up liquid like dish soap. Do a proper rinse to finish up and press the grating back on. You can also purchase a special filter for the drain to make the cleaning easier.