Applying for an apartment

All students studying in Kokkola can apply Tankkari apartments. The application for a apartment/room can be submitted from our website.

You can apply for Tankkari apartments any time of the year.


  1. Families and couples can apply for the family apartments.
  2. These enclosures are required in the application:
    for student certificate of attendance from the the educational unit
  3. Fill in carefully the personal information (name/sex).
  4. Make sure that you fill out the correct email address because the apartment offer are sent by email.

In case the tenant has given, when applying for the residence, or will later give, false information, the landlord has the right to terminate the lease agreement without notice.

Application is valid for three (3) months. If Tankkari hasn’t offered you an apartment / a room and you are still in need of an apartment, renew your application from our website. Apartment / room offers are done to e-mail given by the applicant. If Tankkari is unable to offer you a room, no separate information of this is sent to you.

Cancelling the booked accommodation

By paying the Deposit, you will book the accommodation to yourself.If you are unable to take the booked accommodation, you must inform us as soon as possible.Cancellation 14 days before the lease agreement will come to effect is free. After this we will keep the deposit as a cancellation fee.The Lease agreement will come to effect even when you have paid the Deposit but not signed the agreement, becayse by payind the Deposit you have reserved the accommodation to yourself.If a person cancels an agreement that has come to effect, we will withhold the deposit + 1 months rent. For example, if the lease agreement starts on 1st of August and a person cancels this reservation on 17th of July or before that, cancellation is free. After 17th of July, we will withhold the deposit. If the Lease agreement is cancelled on 1st of August or after (Before 31st of August) We will withhold the deposit and one month rent.

Changing rooms

If you are changing rooms e.g. from shared apt. room to another similar one or from 1 room and kitchen to another same kind, you are charged 50 € as office and maintenance fees. This sum has to be paid before signing the new rent agreement.