Key returns starting 1st of December 2020

Starting 1st of December 2020, apartment keys can be returned one of two ways. Either you can bring the key to the office during our service hours, or you can drop them into the key return box. There is a key return box in every Tankkari, except Tankkari 2.

Tankkari 1 A & B buildings has their own boxes next to the mailboxes

Tankkari 2 Will be installed later

Tankkari 3 One next to the laundry room and other next to the maintenance door

Tankkari 4 Next to the laundry room

Tankkari 5 in the Lobby

Tankkari 6 on 1st floor next to the bulletin board

These are the only acceptable ways to return the key starting 1st of December. If the key is returned late or wrong, we will deduct 50€ from the deposit. Please note that the key cannot be left in the apartment!

If the key is lost, we will charge rekeying and a key according to the current price list for lock change.