Changes in recycling waste

Biological and energy waste has separated containers starting from 1st October. This means that you need to pay attention on recycling.

Below you can see what kind of waste goes to which container. Note that biological waste goes to container without its packaging material.

Biological waste includes:
• food scraps
• tea leaves and coffee grounds with filters
• berries, fruit and fish
• fruit peelings, vegetables and eggshells
• old meat and cooking fat with a firm consistency
• old flowers and plants
• cat litter
• dust

Energy waste includes:
• paper food packaging (e.g. sugar and flour bags)
• cardboard food packaging (e.g. biscuit and cereal boxes)
• plastic food packaging (e.g. packaging from meat, juice or cider bottles, plastic bags and foils)
• egg cartons and cases from rolls of paper
• milk and juice boxes
• CD-disks
• nappies and bandages
• vacuum cleaner bags
• textiles (except shoes, rain- and leather garments)
• various objects made of plastic (e.g. dish brushes and toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, empty toothpaste tubes). BUT NOTHING MADE OF PVC!

Do not leave the garbage bags on the stairways! Birds will rip the bags open and clutter the yard area causing extra work for the service man.

Thank you for recycling accordingly!