Are you coming to Kokkola for a summer job?

You can apply for an apartment at Kt Oy Tankkari if you are coming to Kokkola for training or summer work. We offer apartments on a first-come, first-served basis to students studying in Kokkola, but there are also plenty of apartments available for rent during May and August for students arriving for summer work.

Kt Oy Tankkar offers partly furnished shared apartments and unfurnished studio apartments. Shared apartments have a bed frame (no mattress), desk and chair. There are no dishes, coffee maker or microwave, and you must bring your own blankets and pillows. In the cellular apartments, the kitchen and bathroom are shared and each tenant has their own personal lockable room. In Tankkari 5, each tenant has their own bathroom.

Short-term leases of less than six months will be subject to a 10 % rent increase. We charge a deposit of €350 for cellular flats and €450 for studio flats, which will be returned at the end of the lease if apartmnet is returned in the required condition and all the payments are made.

You can apply through the e-service on our website. The application is valid for three months. Apartments are always offered in the first weeks of the previous month, in order of application. If you find an apartment, you will receive an email. A student certificate must be attached to the application form. If you do not have a student certificate, please attach a Word document explaining why you cannot find one.

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