Power failures are possible next year-Instructions to our tenants during blackouts

To ensure that there is enough electricity for everyone in Finland during the winter, every person, business and organization must take part in saving energy.

Save energy- prevent power failures

Preparing for blackouts

Impact of the power failure

During the power failure

Even during normal conditions, power outages of one hour may occur unexpectedly due to storms or faults, for example. Under electricity market legislation, storms or snow may not cause blackouts of more than six hours in areas in which a local detailed plan is in force or more than 36 hours in other areas. Customers must therefore be prepared for power cuts in normal conditions too. 

More information about preparing a power outage https://72hours.fi/power-outage/

On Fingrid’s state of the power system website, https://www.fingrid.fi/en/electricity-market/power-system/  you can monitor the production and consumption of electricity and the current forms of electricity generation.